Como testar o comportamento dos websites em mobile

Developing a website currently involves a huge concern in mobile viewing, because even when we have access to a website via mobile, this does not indicate that it is optimized for it.

It is estimated that 60% of a website’s traffic now comes from these devices, and a correct user experience could be a crucial factor in its success.

When we are developing websites we have at our disposal, through the various browsers we work with, tools that allow us to test and simulate mobile behavior. However, as they are simulators at heart, there are always some details only visible in the devices themselves.


Make It Digital has organized five MID Tips to improve accessibility of mobile websites:


  1. Speed

Users searching via mobile devices typically have less time to view a website, meaning that it needs to load quickly, providing the user with easy-to-view content and accessible information. Prevent a user from entering your website via a mobile device and leaving immediately due to slow loading of the website.


  1. Visibility

Content should fit within the device screen, just as text should be readable without zooming.

The use of color is also a factor for visibility, there must be a contrast between the background and the letter in order to be easily readable. The buttons or call-to-actions should also be highlighted from the background and should have a more prominent color of it.


  1. Conversions

Purchasing or completing a form, among others, is one of the focal points of your website, so it should be made easier. For example, in the contact text, you can place a link that refers users to the contact, either by call or by email. This allows users to spend little time getting to you and increases the chances of winning a potential customer. When shopping, focus on product details, quality titles, photos, and more, and at the same time put a flashy button to get people to add to the cart almost spontaneously.


  1. Location

One of the main reasons users prefer to access a website through a mobile device, specifically a mobile phone, is because of the ease of access to a map. That is, the address placed on a website should contain a link that takes users to a map application, where they will have immediate access to the address and driving details from their location to that address.

  1. Ease of use

Since mobile devices are objects that work mostly through touchscreen, the use of the website should be easier for the fingers. That is, we must take into account the size of the buttons or links so we can reduce accidental clicks.

Following these tips it is important to test the website in detail on different devices and software, and for this we use this tool:

This allows you to test, in a very real way, the behavior of our site on Iphones in its various versions, and also on some versions of Android.


Here are just 5 MID Tips that might be useful for mobile optimization on your website. So do not waste any more time and contact us to put all these points into practice, and many more.


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