Best Practices for Usability Design

Usability Design (UI) boosts sales of your product or service , and thus allows you to offer your users the best experience.

Within the world of Usability Design there are several points that make the user experience on your platform the best possible.

Such as:

– Visual Design

– Visual Hierarchy

– Consistency

– UCD (user-centered-design)


Make It Digital has prepared four best practices to consider when it comes to usability.


  1. Visual Design

    According to previous studies, 94% of first impressions of any digital platform are directly linked to Interface Design. That is, the harder the consumer study, the better the end product and user experience will be.

  2. Visual Hierarchy

    We must never forget to create a hierarchy between the graphics in space . The user should understand what is primary and secondary depending on the importance of what is intended to be transmitted.

  3. Consistency

    Consistent and coherent Design must be developed, always keeping in mind, first of all: the user .

  4. User-Centered-Design (UCD)

    The best way to develop an interface is to: perceive the user . Getting into your position is one of the tricks to getting the interface creation process started.


Design is a fundamental piece in any market that seeks to balance the concept of the company with the user’s experience and demand. Make It Digital assures you that it is essential and you can always ask for more information. We answer any questions that arise.

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