What are the benefits of having a Chatbot?

Chatbots began to be thought of in the 1950s by Alan Turing. Since then, the possibility of a robot communicating with a human being has been discussed. Currently, since 2011, different, even smarter and more competent chatbots have started to be created regarding the relationship with users.

The word originates from chatterbot (“chatter” means talkative; “bot” means “robot”). This software is defined as a human dialogue simulator. The biggest challenge to overcome is to answer the questions posed by users in a clear and objective manner, making the user think that he is really talking to a person.


Make It Digital has prepared a set of benefits that demonstrate the need and productivity of a chatbot.


  1. Service accessibility.

The truth is that no one likes to wait to be attended, regardless of being in a physical place, by call, or even by chat. Chatbot has the ability to handle many different calls in a short time. The standard service is clear, interactive and practical, which allows easy understanding by the user.


  1. Distinction in service.

The artificial intelligence of chatbots allows for innovation, which was not the case in the past, as people were limited to personalization through physical care, by phone or email.

This innovation is, however, restricted to the market in question.

Chatbot can now sell products and services, as well as send reminders or present balances and payment methods.


  1. Increase Leads.

With each chatbot call, there is a greater opportunity to generate qualified leads. This is because chatbot can segment the audience by asking the user questions in the course of their own dialogue.

Chatbot has the ability to store user data, so in the future it can talk back to the customer and even offer them products or services that you have previously bought or were interested in before.


  1. Customer Relationship.

Chatbot does not distinguish between race and gender and always provides consistent and cordial service. In this way, the user ends up experiencing an experience that pleases him (usually). The requirement of the human being increasingly demands simplicity. That is, people look for simple and practical solutions to problems. Chatbots offer just that, as well as providing the best user experience.


  1. Saving on resources.

This is one of the best advantages of chatbot, because it allows a reduction of costs.

Chatbot performs several functions at the same time, which would not happen if the functions were performed by humans, just as the time taken to perform them is much shorter, allowing for much higher proactivity. The implementation of chatbot, while requiring investment, allows for a reduction in error rates and long-term profits.


Have these 5 MID Tips demonstrated the importance of a chatbot in your business? Don’t waste any more time and contact us to get things done and make your communication much more productive.

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