What are the advantages of Instagram Stories?

Instagram Story was implemented in 2016, which is a feature of Instagram. Its main feature is to allow platform users to create short videos that disappear within 24 hours of their publication. Since 2016, this feature has been updated several times to offer an even better user experience.

Currently, users can: archive and republish videos / photos; add designs, stickers and emojis; put songs, filters and location; answer questions and set up surveys; encourage donations and place deep links; among others.

Discover 5 Make It Digital tips now to make the most of this popular feature.


  1. Uncomplicated content creation.

Making multiple Instagram Stories during the week in different formats is a good way to stay active and give content to your followers. Don’t worry about the number of posts you make, but be creative and share your day to day. What really matters is giving and showing content in a straightforward way.


  1. Boost and generate traffic.

Being creative is a good way to create quality and relevant content. That way you can generate more traffic through likes, shares, and tags. The more compelling content you create, the more your audience will be interested in seeing your content daily as well as sharing it. The more quality shares you have, the more reach your account has, and the more followers you can reach.


  1. Ads and Campaigns.

Creating ads and campaigns is halfway to reaching more audience, and possibly getting more interaction. Through your ads, users will be able to click on the ad that will be directed to the page they want, be it a website or even a social network. In addition to this page to which the ad leads, users can directly access the Instagram profile and if they are interested in it, they can follow or like, comment, among others. It’s important that your ad is dynamic, direct, creative, and, most importantly, has a catchy Call-to-Action. This is because if Call-to-Action is placed in the right place, if it has an allusive color and shape, the user will tend to click and possibly perform the action they want.


  1. Various Features and Functions

As stated earlier, over time, Instagram has been updating, and currently offers users a range of features that has made it easier and more popular for the public. Using and abusing Stories functionality should be a priority. From GIFs, music, quizzes, text boxes, questions, countdown, donations, symbols, emojis, location, time, filters, polls, hashtags, tags, scales, and more.


This feature, also known as drag-up, is only available for accounts with over 10,000 followers, for Story sponsorships, or for ads and campaigns. Through this feature, you can link to videos or photos placed in the Stories. These links direct the user to where you want, whether it’s a landing page, social network, etc., just have a URL.


Here are just 5 MID Tips that you can use on your Instagram profile, so don’t waste any more time and get in touch with us to get all these features and more done.

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