5 Tips On How To Succeed This Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated times every year. This is when physical and online stores launch high discounts. This November there is no other issue, and store sales tend to fall, as everyone is waiting for the big season, which occurs by noma in late November. It is at this time that, in addition to being a tradition that began in the United States, people enjoy buying Christmas gifts or even buying higher priced products / services.

At this moment, it is important for any brand to have the best possible presence, besides alerting consumers in advance to the big “event”.

There are a number of practices that should be used in these situations, however, we have prepared 5 MID Tips that can help any brand succeed:


  1. Pre-plan offers and outreach.

It is important, some time in advance, to start preparing internally, which products / services are going to have discounts or promotions; whether the promotion will be globally branded or if there will be different promotions for each type of product / service; what prices will be set; among others.

In addition, it is essential to understand how the event that everyone is waiting for will be announced, namely: in the physical store you must define what elements you want to put in the shop windows; how you want to display products / services that have an individual price; where will promote the promotions; among others.

At the online level, it is necessary to define how digital marketing will be done: publications on different social networks (if applicable); sponsored publications; social media campaigns; Google Ads campaigns; e-mail marketing; SMS marketing; among others.


  1. Target campaigns

This is where we take the opportunity to target our target audience, and the products we most want to sell.

Target your audience even more. If you want to sell products for children, for example, look even more segmented at moms and dads. Target age, target gender if appropriate, target prices as well. By the way, on the website you can place in the “campaign items” a filter where you segment products by price. This is a great way for consumers to find what they are really looking for faster.

With regard to products, do you know those products that normally have a low% of sales during the year? Or those that, due to prices, are very popular, but the sale does not materialize? Here is your opportunity. Don’t worry so much about best sellers because it already sells all year long.


  1. Make specific campaigns

For example, in Google Ads or Facebook / Instagram, don’t just try to increase daily cost, or Cost per Click. People will not look for your generic ads.

Run campaigns with titles and descriptions specific to this era, something that consumers reading the title are tempted to load into the ad. Increased attention to links, so that when the consumer clicks, they will land directly on the landing page of promotions.

Campaign for those who have been to your site in the last 3 months, see Black Friday ads at this time to encourage them to buy that product / service they liked so much.

Be strong against the competition. Make consumers who have been competing with you see ads for your brand. Do not be left behind.

If you prefer to campaign on specific products / services, pay extra attention to your audience segment and links. Don’t make consumers click and go to the general promotion page. Take them straight to the product.
Try to do the campaigns, as early as possible, at least 2 weeks in advance.


  1. Don’t Forget Email Marketing.

If your brand is known by Newsletters, then this is where you should use and abuse it. If you have a stable database with low bounce rate then this is where you can start promoting Black Friday. Be the first, and then remember again. When it comes to discounts, consumers want reminders so they don’t forget what they need and want to buy.

Make a newsletter that is dynamic, flashy and understandable. Look at the subject of Email, put a headline that refers to Black Friday, but not directly discounts, because it may lead to the public not opening.

Treat the consumer by their name in Email, and make them feel special because they remembered you at such an important time.

Create a Call-to-Action that initially leads consumers to the website to review products / articles. Later, put one that leads them directly to promotions and possible purchases.


  1. Prepare the website.

At times of high traffic on a website, there is often a server underload, so consumers may lose the items they put in their shopping cart, or not even want to go back to the website in fear that it will happen again.

At this stage it is essential that your website runs at 100%, and that errors such as page loading take a long time; products / services without image or description; misplaced prices; shopping cart not working; payment problems; among others.


Apart from these tips, remember that Black Friday is not for you, but for your consumers. Make this event your success and theirs.

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