Biocabaz – A Biological Solution

Biocabaz was one of the first Make It Digital projects. The versatility of the project allowed the entire MID team the opportunity to work on it.

Biocabaz’s area of ​​expertise is the delivery of biological baskets to their clients’ homes or jobs.

The objective of the project was the construction of the online store of baskets and organic products, with direct integration in the billing system allowing a quick accounting of the ordered products.

Along with this integration was also created integration with an email automation platform.

(Português) biocabaz_clientes_makeitdigital

The whole project was developed based on WordPress and Woocommerce, supported with Keyinvoice billing system. The integration module with Keyinvoice has been customized by our technical team to adapt to the client’s reality.

After the store was created, the challenge was to make the brand known through digital campaigns with two different paths: Brand Awareness and Perfomance.

To this end, a digital communication strategy based on Social Networks and Google Ads and SEO has been outlined. It is a pleasure to see the steady growth of this project, which, when it started with Make It Digital, was only operating in Lisbon and is now delivering in several regions of the country, having also acquired some media exposure with constant presence in the program of Casa da Cristina.

See the program here:


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